10 kg discus | PVC - Vinyl | 30 mm | Fitness and Bodybuilding

Line: Competition
Material: Beton
Coating: Polyurethane
Colour: Dark Grey
Diameter: 32 cm
Thickness: 6 cm
Hole Diameter: 30 mm (suitable for barbells and dumbbells 25, 28 mm)
Weight: 10 kg
Tolerance: +/- 1%.
Use: Home Gym
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 2-3 days
€29.99 incl tax
€14.99 incl tax

This type of gymnastic discs is coated with Polyurethane and filled with Beton.

The coating of the discs ensures noise reduction and protection of the floor as well as absolute prevention of rust.

Beton provides compactness and solidity.


The discs have been developed in such a way that they can be handled more easily. Created using top-quality materials to ensure comfort of use and durability.

Designed with a unique design, high relief weight, and anti-slip surface. These features make our discs perfect for use in both Home Gyms and Gyms!


It will exceed the expectations of even the strictest users.

Top quality for the most demanding athletes.


Discs are an essential partner for anyone who wants to train. They allow you to increase strength, muscle mass, tone, through a myriad of exercises!

Tolerance of our disc +/- 1%, calibrated.

The central hole is 30 mm, suitable for barbells, dumbbells and other equipment with a diameter of 25, 28 mm.

Don't worry, the disc will not be too big for your 25 mm equipment, as the hole is calibrated, therefore equal in all its parts, without any inhomogeneity.


First choice to reduce equipment costs without giving up what you need.



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