Adjustable Dumbbell 12 kg

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Colour: Red-Black
Quantity: 1 Handlebar
Length: 39 cm
Height: 19 cm
Adjustable Weight: 2.2 / 4.4 / 6.6 / 8.8 / 11 kg
Total weight: 12 kg
Usage: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 1-2 days
€139.99 incl tax

For sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts alike, having a set of dumbbells is an inexpensive and functional expedient. Just think, with a pair of weightlifting gloves and dumbbells you can work out at home without having to take out a gym membership!


But in order to cover a wide range of weights, it is necessary to buy many different sizes of dumbbells, which is a significant outlay, and then there is the added expense of bulk.

In fact, if we think of a personal home gym, we don't always have enough space to insert a rack of fixed dumbbells: here is the solution for you, Erope, the modular dumbbell of the line dedicated to Leonardo's home fitness which allows you to have in a single innovative solution all the weights you need without any encumbrance.


With only one dumbbell, Erope offers you the possibility to practice the same kind of training that is usually done with a series of single dumbbells, through a variety of weights to choose from, ranging from 2 to 12 kg.

The innovative click system allows you to select the appropriate load depending on the exercise you want to perform: the weight discs can be selected or deselected by simply turning the handle of the dumbbell, nothing easier to start your workout.


Purchasing the Erope adjustable dumbbell therefore saves you the expense of several pairs of individual dumbbells that would fill the room.

In this way, you will be in possession of a piece of equipment that evolves with your progress. As you progress through your training programme and feel the need to increase the load with heavier dumbbells, simply place the dumbbell back into the docking station and select the new weight via the click mechanism.

With the simple and intuitive adjustment of the Erope dumbbell you will not have any more discs scattered around the house, the discs that you do not use will be well placed and stored in the practical support provided so as not to damage the floor.


Another important factor is the great manoeuvrability of the dumbbell, designed both for beginners, to help them manage their weight better, and for professionals, who will be able to organise their workouts even more effectively thanks to the reduced breaks.


The dumbbell and the plates are made of steel, while the polypropylene coating provides excellent ergonomics and a more stable grip, allowing better execution of the exercises and greater safety.

With Erope you can finally say goodbye to sets of dumbbells cluttering up your workout space and welcome the perfect dumbbell for every exercise!



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