Kettlebell Adjustable Weight 18 Kg

Line: Competition
Material: Steel
Coating: PVC
Colour: Black-Red
Adjustable Weight: 4.5 / 6.75 / 9 / 11.25 / 13.5 / 15.75 / 18 kg
Total Weight: 18 kg
Tolerance: +/- 1%.
Usage: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 1-2 days
€249.00 incl tax
€199.00 incl tax

For all those who want to tone their muscles, increase their strength and improve endurance and coordination, the adjustable Elettra kettlebell from Leonardo is exactly what you need.


Thanks to its spherical shape with handle, this special kettlebell transforms the training into a workout for the whole body and makes possible an infinity of particular exercises which cannot be performed in the repertoire of the classic dumbbell or barbell training.


The advantages of training with the Elettra kettlebell lie not only in the alternation of strength and endurance, but also in the coordination: training with this home fitness machine requires more concentration in order to control the ball and therefore engages and stimulates almost all the motor faculties during the exercise.

But Leonardo's Elettra kettlebell does not only impress with its various training options: the intelligent stop mechanism inside the machine allows the weight of the bar to be adjusted to suit individual training requirements from 4.5 to 18 kg.


The advantage in this respect also relates to space requirements. A kettlebell with a single weight will soon be replaced by another one with a higher weight, thus taking up more and more space in the home. The Elettra adjustable kettlebell, on the other hand, is unique, takes up very little space and is capable of providing you with different loads depending on the weight you intend to lift.

This saves space for six kettlebells of different weights and also saves you money: why buy several kettlebells of different weights when you can buy one that combines many? With a single purchase you will be in possession of a sphere that evolves with your progress.

But owning a kettlebell that has a range of variable weights is also useful for sharing with a family member or friend. From this point of view, both men and women can rest assured that they have found the right kettlebell for them, managing the load according to the exercise they want to perform.


Elettra combines an excellent build quality with a sturdy and practical structure: the bar and the removable discs are made of solid iron, making this kettlebell suitable for intensive use and even particularly heavy training sessions, while the handle as well as the underside of the bar is made of ABS to allow a safe and stable placement on the floor, for example when changing weights.



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