Aerial Calisthenics Structure

Line: Donatif
Product On Order [5-10 working days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Anthracite grey [customisable].
Structure: Tube 80x3 mm
Base: Up to 730 cm
Height: 420 / 550 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Assembly Time: 20 minutes
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
Free shipping
Delivery date: 5-10 working days
€2999.00 incl tax
€2199.00 incl tax

For orders over € 100.00

Self-supporting Calisthenics structure for aerial training.


Ideal for Aerial Silk, hoops, rings and many other applications.


Can be assembled and disassembled in minutes (approx. 20 minutes for two people) without the need for tools.

It does not need to be anchored to the ground and can also be used outdoors in the outdoor version.


Its small size once disassembled, its stability and ease of handling make it perfect for both training and exhibitions.

It reaches a height of 5.5 metres.


The upper part has a unique design and is reinforced to withstand any kind of stress.

It is made of solid steel and treated to prevent corrosion.

The special finish is resistant to shocks and scratches, which is essential for frequent transport.


Our Aerial Rig (aerial training structure) like all Donatif branded products is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.



Indoor Calisthenics structure or Outdoor Calisthenics structure, what are the differences?


Very often our customers ask us what the difference is between an Indoor and an Outdoor structure.

Indoor and outdoor Calisthenics structures differ only in the type of treatments they undergo.

An indoor Calisthenics structure is made of steel and then finished with a special powder coating.

An outdoor Calisthenics structure is first galvanised and then powder-coated.

Galvanising, combined with painting, makes the structure resistant to atmospheric agents and prevents the appearance of rust.

Calisthenics Outdoor Structures can also be installed in seaside locations.


All our Calisthenics equipment is CE-marked and has its own technical file, which is essential if it is to be installed in a gym for public use.

We require an explicit request to provide the technical file in PDF format.


We would like to remind you that in order for a product to be placed for public use, it must have its own technical file and in some cases the CE mark.

Optional standards, such as UNI EN ISO 20957, have no value unless accompanied by the above.



Customised projects
Can't find the structure you want? No problem!

We can build customised structures or develop personalised projects.

Contact us using the various channels we offer to receive an immediate quote without any obligation.


Buying a Calisthenics Donatif structure means you have no worries.

This is because on all our products we are proud to offer:

Lifetime warranty in case of breakage
For further details, please consult our Terms of Use.



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