Calisthenics Cage Frame - D80 | Adjustable | Customisable

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Colour: Customisable
Structure: Square tube 80x80x3 mm
Length: 180 / 210 cm
Width: 180 / 210 cm
Height: 250 cm
Weight: 125 kg
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, made entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 5-10 working days
€1099.00 incl tax

Calisthenics Cage Structure - D80 | Adjustable | Customisable

Perfect for use by several people at the same time.


The traction bars of our Calisthenics frame are made of 33 mm diameter steel.

The height can be adjusted from 100 cm up to a maximum of 240 cm from the floor.

The length of the pull-up bars and the colour of the structure can be chosen directly by the customer.


Our structure is treated with a double powder coating that guarantees excellent grip and durability.

It is meticulously finished and does not have any residue from the workmanship; such as weld balls or protruding elements that could be a source of risk to users.


Available in indoor and outdoor versions, as well as for gyms and fitness centres it is also perfect for installation in parks or gardens.

The outdoor version differs in that it is galvanised before being powder-coated to prevent rust in the case of outdoor installation.



Artful Installation


The Calisthenics Cage Structure D80 is delivered complete with everything needed for assembly, including ground anchoring accessories.


Anchoring to the ground, which is necessary for safe use, can be accomplished by:

The insertion of dowels or chemical stops into the pre-drilled holes in the steel plates.
Casting the bars prepared for immersion in concrete.

We are at the customer's disposal for information, product clarifications or customisation as well as during the post-order phase for assembly or any other needs.

Our specialised staff will be happy to advise you on the assembly and installation solution best suited to your needs.


Any Calisthenics or Street Workout practitioner, whether a neophyte or a professional athlete, cannot do better for their training.


All our Calisthenics equipment is CE-marked with its own technical file, so that it can be safely placed in a gym and for public use.

Buying a structure from Calisthenics Donatif means no problems.

We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our products in the event of breakage.


Customised projects

Can't find the structure you want? No problem!

We can make customised structures with or without the design provided by the customer.

Contact us to receive a no-obligation quote now.



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