D500 Crossover Cables

Line: Donatif
Product On Order [3-4 weeks]
Material: Steel
Colour: Metallic-Grey
Structure: Square tube 50x50x3 mm
Length: 250 cm
Width: 105 cm
Height: 210 cm
Maximum Cable Load: 300 kg
Weight ratio: 1:1
Loading Rod Diameter: 25 mm [28, 50 mm possible].
Weight: 69 kg
Assembly Time: 25 minutes
Usage: Professional
Warranty: 36 months
Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 1-2 days
€1499.00 incl tax
€599.00 incl tax

The stable frame with the high load-bearing capacity of our Crossover Cables D500 allows perfect upper body and leg training through a multitude of exercises.

The 50 mm square tubes in combination with the reinforcing elements on the corners of the frame and the ground bar provide great stability.
The rotating cable guide, located on the lower and upper pull cord, allows optimal guided movement as well as adjustment via chain.


The steel sleeves make the weight trolley, which can be fitted with 25, 28 or 50 mm discs, run like oil, depending on the customer's choice.

The load can be adjusted by means of the discs with precise graduation.
Included in delivery is a pull-up bar, which allows a variety of grip possibilities.

The Crossover D500 offers you at home training possibilities that would otherwise only be available in a gym or therapy centre.


Some of the possible exercises:


  • Front or side raises on low cable
  • Pushdowns
  • Curl
  • Push downs on high cable
  • Knee crunches
  • Crosses


Professional product, suitable for use in gyms or fitness centres. 36-month warranty.



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