Elastic Resistance Band | Elastic Training Band | Fitness Training

Line: Competition
Material: TPR
Colour: Black-Red
Base Width: 34 cm
Maximum resistance generated: 20 kg
Handle length: 11 cm
Handle diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 50 gr
Usage: Home Gym
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 2-3 days
€7.99 incl tax
€4.99 incl tax

For orders over € 100.00

Resistance bands help to strengthen multiple muscle groups.

There is a large number of exercises, targeting both the upper and lower body, that can be performed.

They improve strength, toning, flexibility, through cardiovascular activities.


They are able to withstand the most intense workouts. [Maximum resistance generated 20 kg].


This equipment is ideal for free-body exercises, where the weight of the user creates resistance in the movement.

It is possible to use the resistance band with all common exercises such as arm and knee bends, pull-ups, squats, abdominals in general.


If you are travelling, don't forget to pack our resistance band in your suitcase. There's no excuse to stop working out while you're away from home.



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