Treadmill Home Gym 10 Km/h

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Coating: Polypropylene
Colour: Black
Length: 134 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height: 122 cm
Running surface length: 110 cm
Width of running surface: 40 cm
Type: Electric
Heart Rate Measurement
Speed: 1-10 Km/h
Weight: 45 kg
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Assembly Time: 20 minutes
Usage: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 1-2 days
€579.00 incl tax

Do you want to reduce the footprint without compromising on performance? Leonardo's Madeira electric treadmill combines the most advanced technology with the right compactness to offer you the ultimate cardio workout!


The Madeira electric treadmill has been developed with an avant-garde design and a compact and resistant line in order to satisfy the desire for limited space in the house and to integrate in the smallest of spaces.

Like all Leonardo home fitness models, the Madeira electric treadmill is extremely reliable and quiet, making it indispensable if you want to get fit without having to leave the house or worry about the neighbours.


The 1.5 HP motor makes the belt move under your feet at a speed of up to 10 km/h, ideal for sweating beginners and experts alike. The wide, cushioned walking surface is great for working the vascular system safely and effectively, and the treadmill offers a particularly comfortable and varied running experience with a choice of 12 pre-set training programmes to help you tone your leg and gluteal muscles in comfort.


The Madeira electric treadmill has an intuitive electronic console with start/stop buttons and speed control, a double cup holder and if you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet to entertain yourself during your workout, simply place it on the convenient central stand.


The display on the central panel keeps you up to date on the parameters of your training session, such as time, distance covered, estimated calories burned, speed and to keep track of your heart rate, there are special sensors on the handrail that will immediately reveal the number of heartbeats as soon as you put your hands down.


Thanks to the space-saving folding system, ending a session will be as easy as starting it: this electric treadmill is so easy to open and close that you can effortlessly and space-savingly store it behind the door or, if you prefer, under the bed.

Modern and intuitive, Leonardo's Madeira electric treadmill will guarantee you a pleasant home workout and will adapt to your physical needs regardless of your level of practice.



Donatif® is the brand of gym equipment and fitness accessories that represents quality, functional and low-cost products


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