Multifunctional Structure Calisthenics 5.0

Line: Donatif
Product On Order [2-3 weeks]
Material: Steel
Colour: Grey [customisable]
Structure: Square tube 80x80x3 mm
Length: 400 cm
Width: 225 cm
Height: 240 cm
Weight: 220 kg
Assembly time: 2 hours
Use: Professional
Warranty: 36 months
Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 1-2 days
€3999.00 incl tax
€1999.00 incl tax

For orders over € 100.00

The Calisthenics 5.0 Structure is fully customisable, each piece can be disassembled, and placed where it is most needed.

Parallel bars, Human Flag Bars, Traction Bars and Swedish Ladders are adjustable in height or width, all completely Made in Italy.


The accessories included, described above, can be adjusted during installation with variations of 10 cm from one position to another in order to customise the structure for the most demanding athletes.



Donatif Calisthenics Line


The Donatif Calisthenics Structures are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy to meet the highest levels of quality and safety on the market, including the American market which requires a user body weight of up to 180 kg.

The new 2021 design for Calisthenics Structures is fully modular, which means it is possible to add accessories such as additional parallel bars, or to expand the size of the structure with additional square tubes.

with more square tubes.


Made of steel, Donatif Calisthenics Structures are designed with attention to detail to provide the best free body training experience possible, all in complete safety.


For specific needs, our technical department is available to design and build customised structures.

Our structures can be manufactured completely in stainless steel, a fundamental choice if they are to be located on the seashore, or in other hostile places that cause corrosion.



Donatif® is the brand of gym equipment and fitness accessories that represents quality, functional and low-cost products


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