Racks and Rigs for Home Gym and Professional Gyms.

Choose the ideal structures to create the workout area best suited to your needs.

In your gym or training space, some equipment is a must. This is the case with Racks and Functional Rigs, which, thanks to their characteristics, often represent the first building block for the creation of a training area: structures made up of steel components and tubes with holes for the insertion of various accessories, which create one or more stations for training with a barbell and more, in total safety.

Available in wall-mounted, concrete cast and free-standing versions.

They are versatile, modular and adapt to any type of space.

Within our range of structures, you can choose from Stand Racks, Squat Racks, Half Racks, Power Racks, Rigs and many accessories with which to create an even more high-performance structure, making your gym a complete and effective training facility.

The Racks and Rigs in our catalogue are versatile and functional, indispensable tools for testing your limits and pushing yourself further

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