Self-supporting Power Tower Streetlifting D80

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Product On Order [7-14 working days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Anthracite Grey [customisable].
Structure: Square tube 80x80x3 mm
Length: 215 cm
Width: 125 cm
Height: 250 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Assembly time: 40 minutes
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
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Delivery date: 7-14 working days
€1319.00 incl tax

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Self-supporting Power Tower designed to meet all the needs of athletes and Streetlifting, Strength and Endurance enthusiasts.


We have integrated a traction bar, parallel bars and a squat rack with safety bars into a single structure.

It was created as a natural evolution of the Power Tower Calisthenics Autoportante D60 model, already extensively tested by numerous athletes and in important competitions.

Compared to its "little sister", this Power Tower, as well as having for the first time a Rack station with support for Olympic barbell, can also boast greater strength and stability, thanks to the use of 80x80x3 mm steel square tube.


When designing this article, particular attention was paid to the dynamics of competition and specific training.

For example, we have ensured that it is possible to move quickly from one exercise to another without encountering obstacles and without having to modify or adjust any part of the structure: this is essential for all athletes who want to work in the best possible way on Endurance circuits.


The special design of the parallel bars, on the other hand, considerably facilitates the loading of ballasts and entry by the athlete: an aspect of great importance for those practising Streetlifting.

The central connection can be replaced at any time with a push-up bar (supplied) which is perfect for Endurance specialists.

Like all our Calisthenics structures, it is available in indoor and outdoor versions.


Traction bar
The pull-up bar on this Power Tower is 110 cm long and made of 33 mm diameter steel.

The height of the bar is adjustable from 220 to 240 cm from the ground.

The structure is perfectly stable when performing Muscle Ups (also weighted, of course).


Parallel bars
The parallel bars are made of sturdy 42 mm diameter steel, 130 cm high, 150 cm long and 55 cm apart (distance can be customised when ordering).


The Rack is made of 80x80x3 mm steel columns with 17 mm holes 5 cm apart.

The useful internal space is 110×120cm, perfect for squats, weight exercises or flat bench.

The supplied J-cups have a load capacity of over 400kg.

The spotter arms (safety bars) have a load capacity of 500 kg.

Both are part of the new D80 accessory range.

All Rack accessories are equipped with an exclusive rubber coating that we have selected to have the following characteristics:

Totally absorb shocks and consequently noise;
Prevent the rebound and rolling of the rocker arms once positioned;
Protect the rocker arms for longer life;
Non-deformable thanks to the memory effect.

The self-supporting Power Tower Streetlifting D80 is delivered complete with everything required for assembly, which can be carried out in just a few minutes.

All clamping elements (reinforcement plates and brackets) are designed and manufactured by us and have a thickness of 6 mm, in order to guarantee higher safety standards than common components.

The exclusive rubber we use for the feet of our structures does not dirty or leave traces, so it can be used without any problem even on delicate floors (such as parquet).

It can be placed without any particular problem on any surface (rubber flooring, concrete, asphalt, parquet, sand, lawn, earth, etc.).



All our Calisthenics equipment is CE-marked and comes with its own technical file, which is essential if it is to be installed in a gym for public use.

We require an explicit request to provide the technical file in PDF format.


We would like to remind you that in order for a product to be placed for public use, it must have its own technical file and in some cases the CE mark.

Optional standards, such as UNI EN ISO 20957, have no value unless accompanied by the above.



Customised projects
Can't find the structure you want? No problem!

We can build customised structures or develop personalised projects.

Contact us using the various channels we offer to receive an immediate quote without any obligation.



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