Gym Dumbbells fall into three categories:

Composable Dumbbells; they offer the possibility of loading the dumbbell with the weight you want, via the discs.

Saving you money, but losing time when changing discs.

Adjustable Dumbbells; allow you to choose the dumbbell weight you prefer via a quick selection.

The disadvantage is that, however, the selection is limited in the weight range based on the chosen model.

Fixed Weight Dumbbells; dumbbells and discs are fused, so they cannot be changed.

The advantage is that they are immediately available for use, do not have to be mounted and there is no risk of the discs falling off.

The disadvantage is that they force the athlete to buy new dumbbells every time a different weight is desired.

Whatever choice you make, dumbbells are an essential ally for your workout-training

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