Complete Professional Multifunction Station | Gym and Bodybuilding

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Colour: Black-Chrome
Structure: 50x100x3 mm tube
Length: 220 cm
Width: 210 cm
Height: 245 cm
Adjustability Holes: Every 15 cm
Maximum Cable Load: 400 kg
Loading Rod Diameter: 25-50 mm
Weight: 500 kg
Weight Pack Included: 120 kg [weight pack can be increased].
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 2-3 days
€5999.00 incl tax
€3499.00 incl tax

Why buy the DONATIF M100 Functional Trainer All-In-One

The widest range of accessories ever in a Donatif product! Derived from the M50 upgrade!


Included accessories are:

Easy-to-adjust lifts
Lat Pull Down & Low Row Bar
Innovative ball-bearing hook
Gluteus footplate
Safety Bar
Calf Block
Smith Machine
Curved hooks
Barbell Holders
Jummer Arms for Body Row
Pectoral Machine
Multi-grip dip parallel bars
Multi-grip pull-up bars
Front bars adjustable every 15 cm
Triceps/biceps bar
Disc holder
Leg locks
Fabric handles
Olympic Barbells
Olympic Snap Collars


DONATIF M100 Functional Trainer All-In-One


Adjustable to 12 heights
Guided linear press and barbell movement
Oversized non-slip footplates for wide or narrow positioning
Black powder-coated laser-cut design


All in One" Smith Machine / Multifunctional Fitness Station / Professional Smith Machine


Professional Smith Machine loaded with commercial strength 30 mm guide rails
Ultra-fluid maintenance-free linear bearings
Laser cut for maximum precision; perfect positioning of all accessories such as J-Hooks, front blocks for legs, knees, and feet, Safety Bars or T-Bars
Structure made of structural steel dimensions 50x100x2 mm.
J-Hooks and Safety Bars are designed to handle the heaviest loads while protecting the bar-bar knurling.
The aircraft-grade commercial cable is heavy-duty up to 400 kg and the nylon pulleys offer an unrivalled natural and smooth movement pattern.
Train specifically for your needs with the option of different angles

Your training is limited only by your imagination!


Functional Trainer All-In-One / Complete machine for professional use


The DONATIF M100 Functional Trainer All-In-One is state-of-the-art by offering different grip types for the:

Chin-up with wide, medium and narrow grip
Reverse grip pull-up
Globe Grip Chin-up


Exercise table:

DONATIF includes a detailed exercise chart with a wide range of popular movements to help you build your workout routine and show you safe and correct movement patterns.


AAA fitness classification:

Rated for use by high performance athletes and teams, the DONATIF M100 Functional Trainer All-In-One is the perfect machine for professionals.


Product specifications:

Dimensions: 220x210x245 cm
Weight: 500 kg
Maximum user weight: 550 kg



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