Barbell Rack - RFA | Functional Training - Gymnastics

Line: RFA Series
Product On Order [approx. 30 days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Black-Red
Length: 99 cm
Width: 155 cm
Height: 76 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Maximum Load: 1600 kg
Free Disc Load
Use: Professional
Warranty: 48 months
Delivery date: 40-60 working days
€799.00 incl tax
€549.00 incl tax




Choosing the right barbell rack is crucial for keeping your home gym or training centre tidy. Equipped with 10 barbell spaces our barbell rack is suitable for personal trainer studios, fitness centres or professional gyms. It is an efficient storage as it helps to safeguard both space and the quality of your barbells.


Main features:

1. Superior Materials: Constructed of strong steel and finished with an epoxy paint, it ensures maximum strength and durability.

2. Order and Protection: Having barbells in top condition is essential for a good workout. Our rack helps protect them from damage and excessive wear, keeping them in perfect condition for your training sessions. Each shelf is designed to keep the different barbells neat and separate, preventing scratches or deformation.

3. Customisable: We know that every athlete has unique needs, so you can customise this machine so that you get the perfect product for your workout. Choose from a wide range of colour and size options to find the one that fits you and your training space perfectly.


If you want to maximise space, protect your barbells and keep your gym or home gym tidy, our barbell rack is the perfect choice. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your training area with the best storage solution on the market.



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