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Line: Donatif
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Folding Game Table with Wooden Chessboard and Chairs Included
Material: Steel
Colour: Customisable
Length: 350/450/550/650 cm
Width: 350/450/550/650 cm
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 20-30 working days
€5999.00 incl tax

Challenge body and mind with our Professional Chess Boxing Ring, the perfect arena for this revolutionary sport that combines the mental agility of chess with the physical power of boxing. Built to withstand the most intense training and fighting sessions, every detail of our ring is designed to offer safety, comfort and performance.


Key Features:


Robust Structure: Made of high-quality materials, our ring guarantees stability and durability, allowing fighters to fully concentrate on the competition.
Non-slip Mat: The fighting surface is covered with a non-slip material to ensure maximum grip during the fastest movements in both game and fight.
Large Playing Space: Designed with generous dimensions to comfortably accommodate both a chess table and boxing space, ensuring that competitors have everything they need for strategy and action.
Safety Protections: Equipped with reinforced ropes and high-density padding along the edges to protect athletes during intense exchanges.
Easy Assembly: The clever design allows for quick assembly and disassembly, making the ring versatile for gyms, events and touring training.
Impressive Aesthetics: With an eye-catching design that reflects the essence of Chess Boxing, our ring is a true focal point that will attract attention in any environment.

Why Choose Our Ring?


The Chess Boxing Ring is the ideal equipment for athletes who want to take their practice to the next level. With a fighting surface optimised for safety and performance, and a playing area that complies with the sport's official regulations, our ring is the preferred choice for champions and fans alike.

A folding game table with chairs and a professional wooden tournament chessboard are included.


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