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Do you want to make your gym or home gym an efficient and well-organised training environment? Discover the ideal solution: our dumbbell racks, designed and manufactured to ensure a flawless training environment. Turn your gym into a place where the accessories you need are always at hand, avoiding unnecessary searches and minimising the risk of accidents with weights scattered around.


1. Efficiency Made to Measure: Our dumbbell holders have been specially designed to simplify your training experience. Thanks to their ergonomic features, you will have your dumbbells at your fingertips at all times, saving valuable time and ensuring a distraction-free workout session. Whether you run a professional gym or a home gym, efficiency is key to achieving your fitness goals.


2. Customisation and Italian Craftsmanship: We recognise that every workout space is unique, which is why we offer highly customisable, made-to-measure solutions for modular, adjustable click and fixed weight dumbbells to meet your specific needs

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Porta Manubri - R23 | Palestra | Home Gym - Fitness | Offerta

Linea: Donatif Materiale: Acciaio Colore: Nero Base: 37x37 cm Altezza: 92 cm Garanzia: 24 mesi Ideato, progettato, realizzato interamente in Italia
€99.99 incl tax €49.99 incl tax

Dumbbell Rack - RFA | Functional Training - Gymnastics

Line: RFA Series Product On Order [approx. 30 days]. Material: Steel Colour: Black-Red Length: 210 cm Width: 51 cm Height: 79 cm Weight: 60 kg Maximum Load First Shelf: 870 kg Maximum Load Second Shelf: 640 kg Free Disc Load Use: Professional Warranty: 48 months
€799.00 incl tax €599.00 incl tax

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