Free Loaded Chest Press - CLP | Professional | Gymnastics

Line: CLP Series
Product On Order [approx. 30 days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Black-Yellow
Length: 150 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Maximum load: 880 kg
Free Disc Load
Use: Professional
Warranty: 48 months
Delivery date: 40-60 working days
€2499.00 incl tax
€1499.00 incl tax

Take your training to the next level with our free-load chest press. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes, this machine is the perfect combination of ergonomic design, strength and functionality.


Key features: 

1. High-quality materials: Made from high-quality steel and epoxy powder coated to ensure durability and long-term strength.

2. Optimised ergonomics: Padded, height-adjustable seat and backrest for optimal comfort and support during exercise.

3. Free-loading system: Suitable for personal trainer studios, fitness centres or professional gyms; this equipment guarantees a complete, functional and effective workout, giving you the possibility of using your discs for several machines, avoiding the expense of a weight pack for each one.

4. Safety: Equipped with adjustable safety catches to ensure a safe workout in any situation.


Why choose our Chest Press?

Our Chest Press stands out for its attention to detail, technical innovation and compromise between price and quality. Each component has been carefully chosen to guarantee performance, durability and above all visible results.


Ideal for gyms and fitness centres, this machine is the perfect investment for those looking for real results and a lasting solution. Don't wait, elevate your workout today with our free load chest press!


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