Kettlebell 6 Kg | PVC - Vinyl | Functional Training | Fitness

Line: Competition
Material: Beton
Coating: PVC
Colour: Black
Ball Circumference: 56 cm
Handle height: 6,5 cm
Handle Length: 20 cm
Handle diameter: 32 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Tolerance: +/- 1%.
Use: Home Gym
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, entirely in Italy
Availability: Out of stock
Delivery date: 2-3 days
€23.99 incl tax
€14.99 incl tax

Versatile, durable and efficient, with a simple design but a unique finish and no sharp edges.


These are the Donatif Kettlebells, the perfect combination of efficiency for your workout, attractive design and the lowest price you can find!


Made of Beton and coated in PVC, they are anti-corrosionanti-chipping and anti-noise.

Train in peace without worrying about ruining your kettlebell or the floor!


Tolerance +/- 1%, reduced to a minimum.

Wide handle, ideal for one-handed or two-handed use.


Donatif Kettlebells are built to last, accompanying your workouts for improved performance.


They allow you to develop strengthendurance and coordination.

Bringing a clear result in muscle growth and toning. Especially suitable for the lower back, abdominals and legs.

Some of the exercises that can be performed with kettlebells are:


- Swing

- Snatch

- Deadlift

- Squats

- Get-Ups


Our Kettlebells feature a large, flat bottom, so you can use them comfortably and store them easily.

The coating on the handle provides a better grip, reducing the risk of slipping.


Choose Donatif Kettlebells for a complete workout or to train a specific muscle group.



Donatif® is the gym equipment and fitness accessories brand that stands for quality, functional and affordable products


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