Treadmill - MoviFitness MF Top Slim | Heart Rate Belt Included

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Coating: Polypropylene
Colour: Black
Size Opened: 164x78x112 cm (LxWxH)
Size Closed: 78x23x164 cm (WxWxH)
Running Area: 128x51 cm
Type: Electric
Speed: 1-16 Km/h
Inclination: 12 Levels
Weight: 64 kg
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Use: Home Gym
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 2-3 days
€1299.00 incl tax
€679.99 incl tax

The MoviFitness MF Top Slim is an innovative, space-saving treadmill with an elegant design in every respect.

Its high-level technical features make it one of the best electric treadmills.


The space-saving treadmill from MoviFitness is equipped with a 2 HP continuous motor with a maximum peak of 3 HP.

It easily reaches a speed of 16 km/h in 0.1 km/h increments, starting at 1 km/h.


The electric inclination allows the slope of the running surface of this fitness machine to be adjusted.

Using the appropriate buttons, you can choose between 12 different levels and walk uphill at an incline of up to 12% for more intense workouts.


The non-slip belt of the space-saving Top Slim electric treadmill allows a safe workout and the running surface, 48 centimetres wide by 130 centimetres, is cushioned by 8 elastomers, which absorb a high percentage of the impact of the stride.


The MoviFitness Top Slim has a complete console, consisting of an advanced 5-window LCD high-definition computer to keep track of running time, distance travelled, running speed and calories consumed at all times.

Using the complimentary heart rate monitor, you can track your pulse.


The display also features speakers, which can be connected via Bluetooth, to play your favourite music using your iPod, smartphone or any other compatible device.

The treadmill also has a practical stand to hold your tablet or phone and also has a USB connection to keep your electronic devices charged.

To organise your home workout, you can take advantage of the Zwift Bluetooth app already installed on the treadmill's computer.


The 12 pre-set programmes allow automatic variation of speed and incline to make your workout more dynamic and less tedious.

In addition, 3 more programmes can be stored, so that you can customise your training.


The convenience of the MoviFitness Top Slim is that you can fold it up completely and move it around easily in your home to minimise clutter. If necessary, the treadmill can be stored vertically to make use of a storage room, or horizontally to hide it under the bed.

Moving the treadmill is easy thanks to the two longitudinal and two horizontal wheels.


The MoviFitness Top Slim is a robustly constructed treadmill, weighing a total of 64 kg, so it can support a user weighing up to 120 kg.

The Movi Fitness MF Top Slim has a 2-year warranty on all components!



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