Adductor Machine - FMT | Professional Adductor | Gym | Fitness

Line: FMT Series
Product On Order [approx. 30 days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Black-Yellow
Length: 160 cm
Width: 84 cm
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 216 kg
Weight Pack Included: 75 kg [weight pack can be increased].
Use: Professional
Warranty: 48 months
Delivery date: 30 working days
€5399.00 incl tax
€1799.00 incl tax

Specific product for training the inner thigh muscles.

The exercise is performed while seated by performing an opening and closing movement of the legs.

The resistance, placed inside the legs, is provided by a weight pack that allows different loads to be handled for each type of subject.


Use and benefits of adductor FMT Series:
Specific training of the adductors
Prevention and treatment of joint and muscular problems of the hips and pelvis
Improvement of muscle tone and leg efficiency


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