Pectoral Machine - FMT | Pectoral Machine | Professional | Gym

Line: FMT Series
Product On Order [approx. 30 days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Black-Yellow
Length: 126 cm
Width: 150 cm
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 214 kg
Weight Pack Included: 75 kg [weight pack can be increased].
Use: Professional
Warranty: 48 months
Delivery date: 30 working days
€5499.00 incl tax
€1849.00 incl tax

Do you run a gym or wish to set one up in your home? To train the pectoralis major in its intermediate bundles and the anterior deltoid, you absolutely need the FMT Series Pectoral Machine! 100% comfort, high-quality material, and a high load capacity! With the Pectoral Machine, you can expand your training possibilities and invest in health, stability and durability!


High quality and stable: Pectoral Machine FMT Series

Due to the high weight of the powder-coated steel, the Pectoral Machine is extremely stable. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of training methods and for users of all fitness levels, both beginners and professionals. In addition, the machine features ergonomic handles.


The seat surface of the Pectoral Machine is made of high-density foam rubber covered with leatherette so that the buttocks are comfortably seated during training.

The Pectoral Machine boasts a perfect gym look and is suitable for any type of fitness centre.


Flexible: ideal for gyms or your home gym.

Practical: ergonomic handles guarantee a pleasant workout.

Healthy: trains the muscles; pectoralis major in its intermediate bundles and the anterior deltoid.

High quality: durable, high-quality material

Comfortable: comfortable seat



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