Calisthenics is the art of using your own body weight as resistance to train and develop your physique.

The ultimate goal is to master the skills, i.e. a whole series of static and isometric exercises that athletes must perform to the best of their ability,

respecting the beauty of the execution and demonstrating adequate strength and resistance.

This discipline allows you to increase pure strength, flexibility, joint mobility, balance and coordination;

through movements such as, pull ups, push ups, jumps and swings.

At Donatif, we offer you the best calisthenics equipment.

Parallel bars, pull-up bars, freestyle bars, multifunctional structures.

Do you want a customised calisthenics structure? Contact us!

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Large Parallels for Dip

Line: Essential Material: Steel Colour: Natural Steel Treatment: Brushing Length: 50 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 100 cm Handle length: 40 cm Handle diameter: 30 mm Weight: 9 kg Use: Semi-professional Warranty: 24 months Conceived, designed and made entirely in Italy
€199.00 incl tax €99.00 incl tax

Multifunctional Structure Calisthenics 5.0

Line: Donatif Product On Order [2-3 weeks] Material: Steel Colour: Grey [customisable] Structure: Square tube 80x80x3 mm Length: 400 cm Width: 225 cm Height: 240 cm Weight: 220 kg Assembly time: 2 hours Use: Professional Warranty: 36 months Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
€3999.00 incl tax €1999.00 incl tax

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