Foldable Rack Made in Italy - Wall Rack Foldable

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Colour: Black (customisable)
Structure: Square tube 80x80x3 mm
Depth: 40 cm (open) - 10 cm (closed)
Width: 134 cm
Height: 220 cm
Adjustability: Every 10 cm
Maximum Load: 500 kg
Weight: 95 kg
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, made entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 3-5 working days
€999.00 incl tax

Folding Wall Rack for Your Customised Home Gym

If you are looking for a smart way to make the most of a small space in your gym or home gym our rack is for you. Our folding wall rack is the ideal companion for fitness enthusiasts who want to work out without sacrificing valuable space, or for those with limited space. This is not just a rack but a tailor-made training solution. The main challenge with this design was to create a wall-mounted unit that could be folded inwards or outwards to optimise space, while still offering the sturdiness of our racks. To achieve this, our engineering team developed a unique, easy-to-install and very robust system that includes a convenient retractable closure. 
Key Features: 

Tailor-made for You: We make fitness a personal matter. Our folding rack is tailored to your needs. You have complete control over dimensions and specifications, so you can create your perfect fitness space.
Space-saving: No matter how small your space is, our foldable rack allows you to train efficiently without having to take up an entire room. All you need to do to start your workout is to push the two mobile poles away from the part of the frame fixed to the wall.
Maximum Safety: Your safety is our priority. Our rack is made of durable materials and offers exceptional stability during workouts. You can lift heavy loads with the utmost confidence because the foldable rack unloads the applied loads to the floor and is able to accommodate out-of-square between wall and floor, as well as any inclinations or small mistakes during assembly.
Training flexibility: The foldable rack offers multiple attachment points for training equipment, allowing you to vary your exercises and routines according to your needs. It is perfect for barbell exercises, pull-ups, dips, and more.
Easy to Install: Installation is a breeze. You will receive everything you need to install the rack safely and hassle-free.
Robust Construction: Made of high-quality materials, the is designed to last, resisting wear and tear and moisture.
Elegant Design: The minimalist and modern design fits into any environment, adding a touch of class and innovation to the room.

No more need to use only bulky machines for your workout. Our folding rack is the perfect solution to train efficiently, save space and achieve your fitness goals in a practical and efficient way. Customise your rack today and invest in your well-being!
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