Professional Belt Squat Machine - Belt Squat Machine

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Colour: Black (customisable)
Depth: 135 cm
Width: 154 cm
Height: 200 cm
Maximum Load: 700 kg
Weight: 240 kg
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, manufactured entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 5-10 working days
€2499.00 incl tax
€1999.00 incl tax

Belt Squat Machine - The Quality Underpinning Your Workout

When it comes to training and performance, nothing is more important than quality. Our belt squat machine represents the pinnacle of first-class engineering and construction, made from the highest quality materials to provide you with an exceptional training experience.


Materials of Excellence:

Robust Steel Frame: The heart of our machine is a high-strength steel frame. This frame is designed to withstand the most intense workouts and the heaviest stresses. No matter how heavy you lift, this machine is built to last.
Premium Quality Cable: It has a 6 mm thick aircraft cable consisting of 9 strands of braided 304 stainless steel and covered with 2 mm thick protective sheathing. This high-quality material offers maximum durability and resistance to wear and tear. You will be able to perform squats in total safety and comfort, relying on the cable's strength even during exercises with heavy loads.
Precision Finishing: Every part of the machine is finished with attention to detail. Assemblies are free of sharp edges or imperfections, ensuring a smooth surface and a quality feel.
Maximum Safety and Comfort:

Footplate: The footplate on which you lean during squats is made of reinforced, powder-coated steel; in addition, the surface is almond-shaped to ensure maximum grip.
Wide Range of Movement: The belt squat machine offers extraordinary freedom of movement, allowing you to vary your exercises in a versatile way. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner, you will find this machine perfect for your training routine.

How to use this machine: Get on the platform and fasten the belt around your hips. When you stand up, a cable connected to a pulley will pull the weights up. This allows users to pull back the handles and begin the squat. Once the handles are pulled back, they will remain back until the user pushes them towards the tower, thus safely reengaging the carriage.


Benefits of belted squats: Performing this exercise instead of traditional squats can be useful for many reasons, for example, athletes who regularly suffer from back pain or who struggle with spinal compression due to axial loading can circumvent these problems by placing most of the load on their hips and legs. Similarly, those recovering from an upper-body injury (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, etc.) can continue to work the lower body without supporting a barbell.

Belt squats provide traction to the spine, help increase leg volume and offer versatility for other types of training, all easily performed even in a home gym with limited space.


Our belt squat machine is an investment in your health and fitness. Quality materials and attention to detail ensure that this machine will accompany you for years of successful training. Choose quality without compromise and get ready to reach your fitness goals like never before.



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