Multi Sled - Customised Fitness Sled | Made in Italy | Donatif

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Colour: Black [customisable]
Treatment: Powder coating
Depth: 113 cm
Width: 79 cm
Height: 103 cm
Handle diameter (largest): 50 mm
Handle length (major): 93 cm
Handle diameter (minor): 32 mm
Handle length (shortest): 50 cm
Maximum load: 400 kg
Weight: 65 kg
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, manufactured entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 3-5 working days
€599.00 incl tax

If you are looking for the ultimate fitness equipment to maximise your total-body workouts, look no further. Our multi sled is the perfect piece of equipment to achieve your fitness goals in an effective and exciting way. With the multi sled, you will experience powerful, versatile and engaging workouts like never before.


Why choose the Donatif multi sled:  

1. Supreme Versatility: The multi sled is fitness equipment that offers unparalleled versatility. With the ability to perform a wide range of exercises, including pushing, pulling, lifting and many other variations, this equipment will be the centrepiece of your total-body workouts.

2. Customisation and Italian Craftsmanship: We recognise that every workout space is unique, which is why we offer the option of customising and tailoring your multi sled to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, we are proud to design and manufacture our products entirely in Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality and attention to detail.
3. Robust and Durable Construction: Manufactured from high quality steel, powder coated and made entirely in Italy, this multi sled is designed to be efficient, effective and to last.

4. Compatibility with Additional Loads: Whether you are a beginner looking to improve strength and endurance or an experienced athlete looking for advanced challenges, with the multi sled you can adjust the weight and resistance for a workout perfectly suited to your needs, if necessary by adding extra loads such as weights or discs. This allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you progress in your fitness goals.
5. Outdoor or Gym Workouts: The multi sled is designed to be used both outdoors and in the gym. No matter where you prefer to train, you'll have the flexibility to take your fitness equipment wherever you go.

6. Cushioning and Safety: Equipped with a cushioning system, this machine minimises the impact on your joints during high-intensity workouts. In addition, the ergonomic, non-slip handles ensure a safe and comfortable grip.


Our multi sled is more than just fitness equipment; it is the key to challenging workouts, tangible progress and impressive results. If you are ready to take your workouts to the next level and reach your fitness goals more efficiently and enjoyably, don't miss this opportunity.



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