Leg Extension | Leg Curl - FMT | Combo | Professional | Gym

Line: FMT Series
Product On Order [approx. 30 days].
Material: Steel
Colour: Black-Yellow
Length: 164.5 cm
Width: 98.5 cm
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 240 kg
Weight Pack Included: 75 kg [weight pack can be increased].
Usage: Professional
Warranty: 48 months
Delivery date: 30 working days
€5999.00 incl tax
€1999.00 incl tax

Leg Extension/Leg Curl FMT Series is a station for Leg Extension & Curl.


Angulation and ergonomics are the key to effective and targeted workouts for the lower limb muscles.

By using a correctly adjusted machine, the user will feel the full effectiveness of the workout and achieve all the goals set.

Leg Extension/Leg Curl FMT Series biomechanics ensure ergonomically correct positioning of the body for the natural and full development of the muscle, tendon and knee.

It offers a full range of motion thanks to its adjustable gradation.
It is also adjustable to fit any size of user and eliminates lumbar strain.



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