AB Wheel Roller-Adominal Wheel

Line: Competition
Material: Steel
Coating: Rubber
Colour: Black-Blue
Wheel diameter: 18 cm
Handle length: 10 cm
Handle diameter: 33 mm
Mat dimensions: Length 34 cm/ Width 17 cm
Weight: 450 gr
Maximum user weight: 150 kg
Usage: Semi-professional
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery date: 1-2 days
€9.99 incl tax
€3.99 incl tax

The AB Wheel Roller is the indispensable tool for a complete workout of the abdominal area and back, but also the shoulders and arms are not omitted during the workout:

It allows you to stimulate the superficial muscles and the deeper fasciae.

Regular use of the abdominal wheel improves posture and stability, with considerable benefits for the well-being of the body.

The construction is particularly robust, with non-slip grips for stability and safety.

The rubber-coated wheel allows it to be used on a variety of surfaces.


You can easily take it with you to exercise on holiday or outdoors.

Including a mat to protect your knees.



Tips for use:


If you are new to the abdominal wheel, we recommend that you start by standing on your knees, with a limited range of motion compared to the maximum extension you can achieve, and perform a number of repetitions that focus on the correct execution of the exercise rather than the perception of muscle work.
As you become more familiar with the roller, you can increase the range of motion, repetitions, and switch to standing on your toes, thus increasing the difficulty and intensity of your workouts.


It is important to maintain a correct posture, avoiding excessive arching of the back and contracting the abdominals.



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