Pritchett Pad for Racks - Customisable | Made in Italy - Donatif

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Pad Coating: Urethane
Colour: Black (customisable)
Length: 84 cm
Pad width: 28 cm
Pad length: 30 cm
Pad thickness: 6 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, made entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 5-10 working days
€319.99 incl tax

The Pritchett Pad for Rack, offered by Donatif and proudly Made in Italy, represents the pinnacle of customisation and innovation in fitness equipment. This distinctive accessory is designed to elevate the workout experience by providing unbeatable support and superior protection for athletes during rack exercises.

Made from the highest quality materials, the Pritchett Pad is distinguished by its durability and ability to withstand heavy use while maintaining its protective properties and comfort over time. The customisation possibilities go beyond mere aesthetics; users can adapt the dimensions to their specific training needs, ensuring perfect compatibility with any rack and an unprecedented user experience.

Ideal for gyms, high-level training centres and professional athletes, the Pritchett Pad for Racks is the ultimate choice for those seeking the best in performance, style and adaptability, all with the unmistakable Made in Italy seal of quality.


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