Pull Up Bar Station - Adjustable Traction Bar - Home Gym

Line: Donatif
Material: Steel
Treatment: Powder-coated
Colour: Black [customisable]
Depth: 160 cm
Width: 130 cm
Height: Adjustable from 170 to 240 cm; every 10 cm
Handle diameter: 28 mm [customisable].
Weight: 40 kg
Maximum Load: 250 kg
Use: Professional
Warranty: 24 months
Conceived, designed, made entirely in Italy
Delivery date: 3-5 working days
€449.00 incl tax

Build Your Strength with the Adjustable Floor Pull Up Bar - Your Personal Gym Anywhere You Want!

If you're looking to boost your strength, sculpt your muscles and reach your fitness goals without having to brave the crowds at a gym, our pull up bar is the answer you've been looking for.


Why choose our Pull Up Bar:

Adjustable and Stable: Unlike other pull up bars, ours is height adjustable to suit your needs. With a solid construction and sturdy design, this pull up bar offers maximum stability during training, even at high intensity.
No Installation Necessary: Forget the hassle of having to drill holes in doors or walls. Our floor pull-up bar can be placed anywhere you want, without damaging your home. It is ideal for those who live in rented accommodation or have limited space.
Variety of Exercises: In addition to classic pull-ups, this floor bar allows you to perform a wide range of upper body exercises, including leg raises, sit-ups, push-ups and more. No need for a gym when you have this versatile piece of equipment.
Foldable and Transportable Design: You can easily fold the pull-up bar off the floor for storage or transport it wherever you want. It is perfect for those who want to work out in the garden, garage or any outdoor space.
Ergonomic Handles: The handles are made of high-quality powder-coated steel and designed to provide a safe and comfortable grip during each repetition, so you'll be able to focus on your workout without worrying about hand fatigue.

Invest in Your Health:

The adjustable floor pull up bar is more than just a workout tool; it's an investment in your health and well-being. Start reaching new levels of strength and fitness wherever you want with our high-quality pull-up bar.

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your fitness. Buy the adjustable floor pull up bar now and start your journey to the body you've always wanted!



Donatif the gym equipment and fitness accessories brand that represents quality, functional and low-cost products


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